Monday, August 27, 2012

How do colored contacts work?

Colored contacts are becoming increasingly popular and are entering the daily wardrobe. These contacts can either be very easy or nearly impossible to recognize. There are various types of colored contacts presently available: opaque contacts act to completely change an eye color; enhancement contacts supplement an already existing eye color; and equinox lenses emphasize the existing color by creating a black outline around the iris. Opaque and enhancement colored contacts work in the same way but have a small difference. Since opaque contacts are meant to change eye color completely, they have a relatively thick amount of the desired color on the contact. Enhancement contacts have a thin layer of the same color as the user's eyes on the contact. The coloring on these contacts is shaped to completely cover a person's iris. In order to make this overlap work, the color contact lenses are personalized, or fit to each person's eyes. Equinox contacts are colored in a way that a person's iris is outlined in black, therefore accenting their natural color. Also of note is the fact that a colored contact has a clear section as large as a pupil so users can see without having tinted, colored vision.

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